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Driving Test
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Car Drivers

In Somerset 90% of road collisions involve cars and almost two thirds of collisions occur on rural roads.
If we are to reduce casualty rates, it is important that car drivers continue to improve their driving skills and road craft, whatever their age or experience, by taking advantage of the many courses now available.

Pre-Driver Education
Road safety officers work with schools to provide a variety of educational programmes designed to equip new drivers for the road. The Somerset Road Safety Partnership can also make a driving simulator available to schools. For more details contact the Somerset Road Safety Partnership or 01823 423 430

Driving Tuition
If you are preparing for the driving test, use an Approved Driving Instruction (ADI). Details from Yellow Pages.

Driving Test
Visit the Driving Standards Agency website for further information on driving tests

Pass Plus
This scheme provides 6 modules not covered in the driving test for drivers who have just passed their driving test. Grants may be available towards the cost. The fact that one in five young drivers has a crash in the first year after getting their full driving licence is an indication of the need for more driver education.
For further information on Pass Plus visit or see Yellow Pages for details of which driving schools are running the programme.

Pass Plus Grants
Somerset Road Safety Partnership encourages new drivers to participate in the Pass Plus course by offering grants. Currently £60 is being made available to drivers who are Somerset residents. Contact your local Driving Instructor, Driving Test Centre or Somerset Road Safety Partnership office for details – or 01823 423 430

Other opportunities to improve your driving

Driver Awareness Courses
Somerset Road Safety Partnership runs Driver Awareness courses for groups or organisations in the county. These driver education sessions are classroom based with an option of assessment drives if required.
Any group or individual interested in attending one of these sessions should contact the Somerset Road Safety Partnership or 01823 423 430

Speed Choice
Speed Choice was set up in 2003 to run community-based programmes to bring drivers up to date with current legislation and make them more aware of a wide range of road safety issues, particularly the potential dangers of excessive speed.

More than 50,000 drivers have now attended one of its workshops for “low end” speeders – those just over the speed limit – to avoid having three points on their licence with 96 per cent saying they found them either good or excellent.

These sessions are designed to develop drivers’ knowledge of the consequences of irresponsible driving but Speed Choice doesn’t simply focus on people who have been caught exceeding a speed limit.
Research on behalf of the Health and Safety Executive, shows a third of all serious and fatal road traffic incidents involve someone who was at work at the time – that’s an average of 270 fatal and serious crashes each week.

Speed Choice offers support to businesses, large or small, that employ drivers or where driving is part of an employee’s tasks, by providing educational and awareness workshops

For further information visit Speed Choice – Speed Awareness Courses – visit

Managing Occupational Road Risk – visit or

Advanced Driving
Advanced driving groups have a significant part to play in encouraging drivers to improve their driving standards. Volunteers help encourage other drivers to adopt a systematic approach and defensive driving techniques which improve their overall driving skills and safety.

An advanced driver is up to 75% less likely to be involved in a collision.

There are two national groups that promote advanced driving both have local groups

• The Institute of Advanced Motorists - for more details visit
• RoSPA Advanced Drivers – visit

Local contacts for Advanced Driving Groups are

• Institute of Advanced Motorists – Weston & Mendip contact 01761 221942
• Institute of Advanced Motorists – Taunton 01823 480392
• Institute of Advanced Motorists – Camelot (Yeovil) 01935 479924
• RoSPA Advanced Drivers – Taunton 01823 400554

Driving Tips

We must all take simple, practical steps to ensure the safety of every road user. It is vital to adhere to the following:

• Always drive within the speed limit
This will be the maximum permissible speed on the road under ideal conditions. This is not always a safe speed.
• Always drive to the conditions that prevail at that time
Single carriageway rural roads present many dangers. 60mph is often not safe.
• Always keep a safe distance from other vehicles
Remember - only a fool breaks the two second rule.
• Always wear your seatbelt
Make sure that you and all of your passengers wear seatbelts. Ensure that babies and young children are correctly restrained in a properly fitted car seat, which is appropriate for their weight and age.
• Always be considerate to other road users
Driving should be a pleasure, let us all make it so.
• Never drive when you are tired
Driving when you are tired greatly increases your risk of being involved in an accident. Remember to take regular breaks.
• Always take care at junctions
Be patient and wait for an appropriate gap in traffic. Don’t take risks.
• Never overtake on DOUBLE solid white lines
It is both illegal and a highly dangerous practice. The lines are there to warn motorists of danger.
• Never drink and drive
• Never use a hand-held mobile phone whilst driving.

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