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Child Restraints - New Law

From 18 September 2006, the new law states that you MUST use the correct car seat for your child.

Small children need the protection that baby seats and child seats are designed to provide. Seat belts are designed for adults. Children who have grown out of child seats still need to use booster seats and booster cushions until the age of 12 or the height of 135cm, whichever they reach first..

Most people make sure that children use some kind of restraint when travelling on the road, but it is vitally important to use the right one; and not to use an adult belt before the child is big enough. Child safety seats and boosters put the child in the right position to use the seat belt properly. If not, the adult belt sits too high over the stomach and in a crash there is a risk of damage to internal organs as well as sliding under the belt.

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Photo supplied by courtesy of Britax   
It is estimated that this new law could prevent over 2000 child deaths or injuries each year. For further information visit

You can also visit for further help and guidance on which restraint must be used for the age/weight of your child.

If you are considering a Britax seat, you can enter the details of the seat and your car on their "Fit Finder" website if it fits your car and the best position.

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