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Somerset Road Safety Partnership has been formed to achieve casualty reduction targets set by Government for the year 2010. Through partnership working and sharing of information, campaigns and initiatives will be introduced in areas based on casualty data. The data has already highlighted Taunton, Bridgwater, Yeovil and Frome as places with high cycle casualties so priority will be given to cycle training in these areas.

Urban Safety Studies have been conducted at Taunton, Bridgwater and Yeovil, providing valuable information about concentrations of collisions and particularly cyclists. The Partnership is keen to engage with cycling groups to look at solutions to reduce casualties and raise awareness of particular hazards.
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For information in respect of Safe Routes to School contact the School Travel Plan team on 01823 355412.

Cycle Training Information

Cycle Proficiency Courses
Cycle Proficiency courses continue to be run alongside the new national programme. These courses are primarily run in schools with the help of volunteers and parents.

Bikeability Courses
The Partnership is keen to deliver the New National Standard Cycle Training programme as part of its efforts to achieve casualty reduction targets. Bikeability provides an opportunity for cyclists to develop basic rider skills to cope with modern road conditions.

The main difference from the traditional Cycle Proficiency courses is that Bikeability includes on-road training with the instructor following the student on a bicycle.

Bikeability courses aim to provide a broader range of training for all ages, including teenagers and adults, and are not just for children.

The Somerset Road Safety Partnership is looking to increase the availability of such courses as new instructors are recruited and trained.

Fit 2 Ride - Resource pack
Somerset Road Safety Partnership has introduced a new cycle training resource pack developed by Devon County Council. This new individual self teaching cycle training pack ‘Fit 2 Ride’ aims to fill a gap where riders cannot access organised courses.

These packs are available free of charge or alternatively can be downloaded. Click Here

Contact or 01823 423 430 for further information.

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