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There are over 2.4 million horse riders in Great Britain and around 149 accidents involving horses on our roads every year resulting, on average, in two deaths and 130 injuries to riders. Over 50% of all road accidents involving horses happen on minor rural roads.

Motorists and horse riders both have a right to use the road and they also share a responsibility to consider each other's needs.

When riding on the roads:
• Thank motorists who are courteous to you
• Read the appropriate sections of the Highway code
• Keep away from busy main roads as much as possible
• Ride on the left hand side of the road
• Give clear and accurate signals

Horse Riders

• Make sure you can be seen by drivers at all times of the day (wear reflective gear)

If you would like to have more information from the British Horse Society, please contact:

The British Horse Society, Stoneleigh Deer Park, Kenilworth, Warwickshire CV8 2XZ Tel: 08701 20 22 44 or 01926 707700 Fax 01926 707800 e-mail: website:

If your pony club would like a Road Safety Officer present when the riders take their Road Safety exam then please contact Somerset Road Safety Partnership by email or 01823 423 430. Leaflets are available free of charge.

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