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School Crossings

Practical Child Pedestrian Skills Training in Schools

All children in Key Stage 1 and 2 can participate in the Pedestrian Training course. The Somerset Road Safety Partnership is committed to reducing the casualty figures in this vulnerable group of road users.

Many children, especially from the rural areas, are driven to school every day and are subsequently missing out on valuable road safety advice from their parents.

The practical Pedestrian Training course introduces children to various safe ways of crossing the road and looking out for dangers whilst walking on the pavement.

School Crossings

Teachers, classroom assistants and parents are invited to come and walk with the Road Safety Trainers out on the road with the children. The adult/child ratio is quite high but varies in the different age groups.

For further information contact the Somerset Road Safety Partnership office or 01823 423 430.

Pedestrian Training support material
There is a variety of education support material available free of charge. Resources can support curriculum and topic work related to road safety.

A leaflet ‘Surviving on Jungle Street’ is available, with tips about how to choose safe places to cross, crossing in between cars and crossing safely at junctions.

‘A Step in the Right Direction’, includes interactive DVDs and pupil worksheets. This is a new resource developed by Somerset Road Safety Partnership and is suitable for children and adults with special educational needs, as well as children in Key Stage 1 and 2. They can learn how to cope with road situations in the safety of the classroom.

For further information on the full range of resources contact the Somerset Road Safety Partnership office or 01823 423 430.

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