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Road Safety Publicity

We can provide posters and leaflets on a range of road safety topics to any organisation, business, school or uniformed group. Topics covered include -

Pre-school Safety
– Walking, Safety in Cars, Safe Places to Cross

Pedestrian Safety – Parents Guide, Pedestrian Crossings
(Pelican/Puffin/Zebra), Be Safe Be Seen, Children’s Highway Codes

Cycle Safety – Safety Helmets, Cycle Training Information, Cycle Checks

Motorcycle Safety
– Riding Gear, Preparing for the road Advice on starting motorcycling, Details on rider improvement courses available in Somerset.

Horse Rider Safety – BHS Test information, Be Safe Be Seen

Car Occupants – Car Safety Seat Advice, Mobile Phone Use, Drink Drive, Speed, driver improvement courses available in Somerset.

Please ring the Somerset Road Safety Partnership on 01823 423 430 for more information on publicity material available.

Help us spread the road safety message – and make our local roads safer for everyone.

Road Safety Publicity


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