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Safety cameras are placed at locations where there have been high numbers of injury collisions or where speeding traffic is causing a potential hazard, for example close to schools.

They have played an important role in helping to reduce collisions and casualties on our roads.

The number of people killed and seriously injured on local roads covered by safety cameras has fallen by more than 24 per cent since April 2002 when the Safety Camera Partnership (Safecam) was formed.

Speeding is illegal and puts lives at risk. We will continue to prosecute those who flout the law by driving at hazardous speeds.

What we do

It is not our aim to persecute drivers. Our sole purpose is to make our roads safer.

All our fixed and mobile cameras sites are clearly signed well in advance.
The vast majority of residents and communities recognise this.

The Partnership regularly receives requests from local communities, in towns and villages, for cameras to be installed to reduce traffic speeds through their neighbourhood and make it safer for all residents, particularly the young and elderly.

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