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School Crossings

Somerset has well over 70 school crossing patrols operating across the county and remains committed to this service as part of its overall casualty reduction programme.

For many years the Schools Crossing Patrol Service has played an important role in ensuring the safety of our children when travelling to and from school. Usually situated outside or in the vicinity of the school, SCP not only assists children but, following a change in the law, can also help other pedestrians to cross the road safely.

Sponsorship/Grant Scheme
All crossing patrols are employed by the school from which they usually operate. Somerset County Council provides grants to offset

School Crossings

the costs to the school. In the past a number of sites have received sponsorship from local businesses and this partnership between business and local schools is actively encouraged.

Training & Supervision
School crossing patrols receive initial on-site training and ongoing training and support together with an annual health and safety inspection carried out by members of the Road Safety Partnership.

Equipment provided
Equipment and uniform are provided free of charge by the Partnership and have to conform to strict rules of compliance.

Guidance, Support & Service Awards
SCP provide a valuable service within our communities and this dedication is recognised by the Partnership

For further information contact the Somerset Road Safety Partnership or 01823 423 430

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