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Due to a lack of substantial improvement in casualty figures from 1994 - 2006 Somerset County Council made the decision to bring together individual road safety organisations in a coherent and targeted approach, to reduce the numbers of people being killed and injured on local roads. To achieve these goals Somerset Road Safety Partnership was formed.

Our casualty data reveals that these are the following key areas for attention.


   •   Car occupants account for 90% of road casualties
   •   A third of driver and passenger casualties are under the age of 25 years

What we do


   •   Riders of powered two wheelers under 125 cc, aged between 16 - 19 years, show a rise in casualties by 38% over the past 5 years.
   •   Riders of larger capacity powered two wheelers shows those aged 30 - 44 years, are the most vulnerable to being involved in collision


   •   Long-term road safety education is essential in preparation for when they become riders or drivers in the future

Casualty reduction targets

The tables below show the casualty statistics for Somerset and progress towards the Government’s road safety casualty reduction targets for 2010 compared with the average for 1994-98.




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