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Our Aim
To reduce injury, disability and death caused by road collisions and make the roads of Somerset safer for all.

Our Objectives
To achieve the Government’s 2010 casualty reduction targets by focusing on engineering, enforcement and, above all, education.

We are looking to achieve a

   •   40 per cent reduction in fatal and serious road casualties
   •   50 per cent reduction in child road casualties
   •   10 per cent reduction in slight casualty rates

What we do

Our Priorities
Driver Education – 90% of collisions are down to human error and involve a motor vehicle, therefore driver education is key to casualty reduction. The Partnership also aims its campaigns and publicity at road users who are identified from casualty statistics as the most “vulnerable” and “at risk” groups or locations with a collision history.

These include –

Young drivers/passengers - A third of all car casualties are in the 17-24 age group.

Rural roads – Almost two thirds of collisions in Somerset occur on rural roads – and the consequences
tend to be more serious.

Motorcyclists – Casualty rates are disproportionately high. Motorcycles/scooters make up only 2% of our county’s traffic, yet 17% of those killed and seriously injured in crashes are riders or pillion passengers.

Children – Young cyclists / pedestrians are particularly vulnerable on our increasingly busy roads.
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